Selina's Reasons Why

As a journalist I have witnessed first hand the degradation fast fashion has inflicted on us all. Our rivers and oceans contaminated by hundreds of thousands of tons of dumped oil based synthetics which do not biodegrade. Like many people I believe we now have to make tough lifestyle choices if we want to clean up our world. I have always loved clothes and especially those made from luxurious natural fibres. Cashmere was my standby when I launched breakfast TV in the UK. Today we now understand how sustainable natural fibres can indeed be climate game changers, how they can support with a low carbon footprint, communities on the edge and how choosing to buy and wear them immeasurably enriches our own lives.

About Selina Scott

Selina Scott is a British television journalist who launched the UK’s first Breakfast Television show in the UK before crossing the Atlantic to join West 57th, a prime time, coast to coast current affairs show broadcast from New York. Scott continues to write, is an environmental campaigner and No Footprint’ entrepreneur.